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31 Dec

What if I have an existing stand-alone java client that accesses EJB components through the CosNaming JNDI provider ?  How do I get static RMI-IIOP stubs for it?



GlassFish-to-GlassFish Remote EJB Invocation

EJB FAQ . su glassfish

How do I “unit test” my EJB components?

What is the syntax for portable global JNDI names in EJB 3.1?

I have a Remote EJB dependency (@EJB or <ejb-ref>) in my Java EE component.  How do I control which actual target EJB component it refers to?


How do I access a Remote EJB (3.0 or 2.x) component from a non-Java EE web container like Tomcat or Resin?



Accessing the Naming Context

ciclidivita moduli per esempio di un singleton rmi


Glassfish to glassfish


Application Client access EJB on Glassfish via a remote interface. Can I do it via local interface?

chiamate remote ejb tra 2 istanze glassfsih standalone

stand-alone client style ejb 3.0 reference lookup fails from foreign web container


How do I specify the Queue or Topic that a Message Driven Bean should consume from?


Creating and Running an Application Client on the GlassFish Server



Remote Access to Enterprise Java Beans on GlassFish Server



12 Dec