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13 Aug

problem with @Multipart

Multipart with JSF2.0 -2.1

RFC 2388 – Returning Values from Forms: multipart/form-data







13 Aug

very useful for understand use of SPRING JPA

Samer Abdelkafi Blog

Implementing persistence layer may need some effort to configure and develop some DAO classes.

Spring-Data-JPA framework can simplify the creation of JPA based repositories and to reduce the amount of code needed to communicate with a database

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This post is an introduction to Spring-Data-JPA. It describes, how you can configure the framewok when you are using Hibernate as your JPA provider.
In this post I will take profit from some Spring 4 new feature as generics autowiring to create generic service.
You can get the sample project from this link to start using Spring-Data-jpa and try some more advenced features.

1- Project dependencies

Spring-Data-JPA references a Spring 3 version. Maven will resolve dependencies by using Spring 3 version instead of version 4.

We need to exclude spring-core and spring-context and import Spring 4 version.

2- Add an Entity

3- Create repository

Declare an interface extending Repository.

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2 Aug


arquillan examples







test persistence with arquillan

code on github



arquillan reference guide



test in openshift cloud


Results from testing TomEE container adapters


I got the test to pass using Tomcat 6 remote adapter with these two fixes:


  • Patch the adapter to use the ‘/text’ prefix for manager URLs
  • Set the default protocol to Servlet 3.0 in arquillian.xml:
    <defaultProtocol type=”Servlet 3.0″/>
  • Set JAVA_OPTS as follows before starting TomEE*


* This seems to be a general requirement for getting the Tomcat remote adapter to work over the Servlet 3.0 protocol.



Apache Tomee





Class JSFUtil and Paginator






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