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27 Mar

from the web site:

Named-based Virtual hosting (Apache and Tomcat) with multiple URLs and single IP on EATJ Xen Account




13 Mar


13 Mar

Apache Delta Spike or – OpenEJB. How start a cdi container using java SE

18 Sep

For OpenEJB a common pattern is:

public static void main(String[] a) {
Main main = new Main();

container = EJBContainer.createEJBContainer(/* props if needed */);
container.getContext().bind(“inject”, main);

main.doMain(a); // real main


with deltaspike:

openwebbeans to the rescue

deltaspike for jsf

18 Sep

DeltaSpike use of Transactions declarative with JPA .

18 Sep


Control CDI Containers in SE and EE with Apache DeltaSpike CdiControl

18 Sep

Like i have read on the blog of struberg , i  read the tecnlic of use Apache Delta Spike .

The Solution – Apache DeltaSpike CdiControl

The Apache DeltaSpike project [1][2] is a collection of CDI-Extensions which are created by a large community of CDI enthusiasts. It consists of most of the Apache MyFaces CODI and JBoss Seam3 community members, plus other high-profile experts in this area. The functionality of DeltaSpike is growing with each day!

One of the many features which DeltaSpike already provides in this yet early stage is a way to boot any CDI-Container and control it’s Context lifecycles via a few very simple interfaces [3]. Your code will end up being completely independent of the CDI implementation you use!

There are currently two implementations of this API, one for Apache OpenWebBeans, the other one for JBoss Weld. Both also successfully passed a small internal TCK test suite. The respective implementation simply gets activated by putting the correct impl-JAR into the classpath.


read at link above  the complete article .

Go at

for the class java for CdiTestContainer.