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Building a Deployment Pipeline Using Git, Maven, Jenkins, and GlassFish (Part 1 of 2)

12 Mar

Programmatic Ponderings

Build an automated deployment pipeline for your Java EE applications using leading open-source technologies, including NetBeans, Git, Maven, JUnit, Jenkins, and GlassFish. All source code for this post is available on GitHub.

System Diagram 3a


In my earlier post, Build a Continuous Deployment System with Maven, Hudson, WebLogic Server, and JUnit, I demonstrated a basic deployment pipeline using leading open-source technologies. In this post, we will demonstrate a similar pipeline, substituting Jenkins CI Server for Hudson, and Oracle’s GlassFish Application Server for WebLogic Server. We will use the same NetBeans Java EE ‘Hello World’ RESTful Web Service sample project.

The three main goals of our deployment pipeline will be continuous integration, automated testing, and continuous deployment. Our objective is to automatically compile, test, assemble, and deploy our Java EE application to multiple environments, as the project progresses through the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Building a reliable deployment pipeline is…

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